What can we say about De la Romance ?
It is poetry, poetry offered to all. Within it, we discover the dazzling of the ordinary, fragments of life, always mixed up. It is a deprivation, an overflow, a quest, the quest to the purest horizon.

What if music produced more images than sound? Every song written by De La Romance conveys the feeling of a sensory journey. With 2 EP's exploring elegant pop and synthetic aesthetics, Vincent Girault's project has deployed mesmerizing landscapes portraying both characters on their quest for fulfilment and delicate love stories under a misty moon. The bright tone and mood of the videos created for every track highlight this feeling of interplay between image and sound.

Far from the bustle of daily life, the thoroughly crafted melodies and arrangements by De la Romance refer to great romantic writers such as Byron or Shelley, states of grace of the beautiful exiled David Sylvian, or the stirring movies by Xavier Dolan.

Vincent is a Parisian producer, a virtuoso drummer and versatile musician deeply in love with electronic music. His passionate and soulful nature leads him to protect and sublimate a very precious value through his art: Innocence. Strong of his experience in working for movies and commercial soundtracks, he has acquired the ability to deepen and amplify emotions conveyed by images. He is the only master on board when it comes to creation, but he also appreciates collaborations, as with singers Anne and Fred who bring a cinematographic dimension to his music with theirs vocal harmonies.

Going back to the essential meaning of « Romance », De La Romance’s storytelling blends reality with imagination, where princesses fall in love with monsters and little girls play with ghosts. This dreamlike sensual journey, exploring feelings of brightness and melancholia alike, has found its successful realisation today with a vinyl release compiling the 2 EPs « As We feel » and « Secret World ».



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